Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A House Blessing

With the new year coming in a couple days, I wanted to share with you my personal House Blessing.  I've used it for ions and I love the feel of my house after I've done this blessing.

House Blessing:

Gather white sage stick or sandlewood incense, a white candle, dish of water, and a dish of salt.  Place them in the middle of your house.  Take the incense/sage stick to your east wall, light it saying:

Air with smoke now blow away
Unpleasant energy from this home.

Take the smoking sage/incense and walk along every wall in your house and say the chant in each room you entr.  When finished set the sage in a shell or dish in the center of your house.

Take the candle to the south wall and light it saying:

Candle flame that flickers bright,
Burn negative energy with your light.

Take the dish of water to the west wall.  Sprinkle the water along the wall and say:

Water wash this house and clean away
All the dirt and negativity.

Take the dish of salt to the north wall and sprinkle the salt and say:

Salt of earth, both fertile and pure,
Against negative energy, this house secure.

Stand in the center of your house, open your arms and say:

Spirits of the home and hearth,
Bless these walls and give them warmth!
Bless thewindows, roof and floor
Bring joy to those who grace my door.
Grant to all who enter here
Ease of sorrow, pain and fear.
Bring rest and comfort to the tired.
Bring ease to anger, quench it's fire.
Engulf this house with love and light
And laughter, joy and sunshine bright.
Make this home a happy place
Where all feel welcome in its space.
And see that only good befalls,
Those who live and enter within these walls.

Let the candle and the sage stick/incense burn out.  Gather the items when cool and put the away.

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G-Zell said...

I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year!

Here's to 2010 woo hoo baby!

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

I love this. GereaKaye read it and said "two thumbs up", so I think we will be doing this when everyone gathers tonight. Thanks for your generous offering of a cleansing. ((((((you))))))))
The verification word is alitant....too easy. Call the ant fire department. Or the free ride home ant taxi for pre New Year celebrating.

Menopausal New Mom said...

What a great idea! I should have done something like that when we purchased our home. It was built in 1891 and must hold a heck of a lot of energy from years gone by. So far, it's all good though.

Rue said...

This is perfect and just what I need to bless my new home!

Have a wonderfully happy New Year!

Amy said...

very interesting..

Mae Rae said...

Beautiful way to start the new year. Happy New Year Tamara!

Amo said...

I love those chants! Sounds like a great way to cleanse your house of 2009 and get it ready for the new year.