Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buy One~Get One Special!

I'm having a special right now at Homespun Hearts Grubby and Prim Candles. Buy one product and get one product of equal or lessor value for free!!! Just put your free choice in the comment area at checkout.

I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas for candles that haven't been done before. There was trouble on a ning that i belong to about one candlemaker stealing another candlemakers ideas. It's very hard to come up with new stuff that no one has because there are alot of candle makers out there and let's face it, there is only so much you can do with wax. So I'm sure alot of candlemakers products are similiar to others but that doesn't mean it was copied. :(

In my exploration of the internet, I've seen other candlemakers that have products very similiar to mine, but i don't think they copied me. And if they did, well then i'll take it as a compliment.

People just need to relax...the internet is a very large place and the competition is fierce but that doesn't mean that one is copying the other one. It's bound to happen that alot of us have similiar products.....Come on everyone, let's support each other in our businesses as women, friends and business women. If we all do that, I'm sure we would all see wonderful success.:)

I've added alot of new products to Homespun Hearts. We now have garden candles (ex: Tomato, Honeyflower) and some cool new bakery candles like mini apple cinnamon pies, new jar candles and grubby topped votives. Check em out!



Would you like your products reviewed??

I will review your product or products for you and give a straight honest opinion. When the review is finished, I will write it up including pictures, links and your banner and post it on the front page of my blog for all to see. Great way to get free advertising too because I market my blog in all the WAHM Shopping Exchanges, and on Ms Biz. :)

If you would like your product reviewed, please leave a comment on this post and I will get in touch with you.


The name of the company is It Works! - Sheri Carpenter is the Independent Distributor.

Wow it really does work! That was the initial reaction after I tried this very cool body wrap. On the second day, I still felt like i had lost more inches. It seems to speed up my metabolism also. This is absolutely amazing!!

It's very very simple to use. The body wrap is placed anywhere on your body you would like to loose fat/cellulite, i placed it on my abdomen. The wrap is paper thin, coated with a special lotion and easy to handle. You simply unfold it and place it where you want it. I wrapped some cling wrap around it on my abdomen so it would stay in place. Then go about your business for 45 minutes. That's it!

I was amazed and really did notice a difference when I took it off, my abdomen did come down and I drank 2 glasses of water while i had the wrap on and still noticed a difference.

Could you imagine how much weight you would lose if you used these wraps every 3 days?!?

We also tested the Fat Fighter tablets and the Colon Cleanser capsules, which both contain all natural ingredients. We were very pleased at how gentle they work with your body, and no side effects at all!

Sheri is incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable about her products. In fact she's lost 30 lbs herself using this system. :)

I'm sold, the name of the company really says it all, It Works!!

Visit It Works! website and see all the wonderful all natural slimming products.



I'm the Featured Member at Rusty Rooster

Sheila at Rusty Rooster Online Mall did an amazing review of my products on my site ~ Homespun Hearts Soap and Grubbie Candles, where I'm the Featured Business for the month!!! Come see!!


And while your there, join her online mall it's awesome.


I moved!!

I've decided to move my blog from wordpress to Blogger, I liked the options better. So please update your URL's if you have me listed on your blog.
Thank you :)