Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Candle!!

I've added a new candle to my line just in time for Autumn! Introducing Carrotcake Walnut Shortcakes. The center is scented with carrot cake and poured into a pie crust scented shortcake and topped with scented walnuts.  It smells so good!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Autumn!

autumn Pictures, Images and Photos

This is my absolutely favorite time of the year.  I actually get excited when the trees start to change colors and there is a chill in the air.  There is nothing like that beautiful blue of an autumn sky. This time of the year lifts my spirits as I harvest vegetables and flowers.  My dehydrator is going 24 hours a day and I have bundles hanging in my windows. The fallen leaves crunch under my feet on my nightly walks and the once green weeds are beautiful earthen colors.

Buckwheat Cakes

"Now the frost is in the air.
Blue the haze at early dawn.
There is color everywhere.
Old and ragged looks the lawn.

Autumn's resting on the hills.
Harvested are fruit and grain,
And the home with gladness thrills.
Buckwheat cakes are back again!

Every season has its joys,
Every day its touch of mirth.
For us all - both girls and boys -
God has well supplied the earth.

What if care must fall between
Peace and pleasure now and then?
Autumn holds this happy scene:
Buckwheat cakes are back again!

Time and trouble change us all,
Youth gives way to middle age,
One by one our fancies fall
Till we reach life's final stage,

But in spite of aches and panes
And the difference old age makes,
Man devoted still remains
To a stack of buckwheat cakes."

- Edgar A. Guest, Buckwheat Cakes

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEW PRODUCT REVIEW! Rustic Heart Candles


I contacted Stacey because I thought her candles were adorable and even though we both make
prim and grubby candles, hers were much different than mine, plus I loved her graphics and website. Her website is very easy
to navigate with good pictures and links to her products.

I was thrilled when her box arrived at my house full of goodies for me to review!! I could smell
her fabulous products before I even opened the box, and even more thrilled when I saw how cute they were.
The candles were packaged in cello and tied with raffia and homespun. The bath products were in plastic
containers with very cute labels, primitive/rustic. Below is my review of each of the products:

Pie Crust Scented 8 oz Jar Candle~This was absolutely fabulous! The scent was perfect to burn in
the kitchen and it filled the whole area with a fresh baked pie crust scent. Yum!! The candle was long burning and
I'm still burning it!!

Cinnamon Bun Candle~This was one of the best looking cinnamon buns I've ever seen. It looked so
real that I truly wanted to eat it. LOL The scent was so good and smelled just like the real thing.

Chocolate Chip Cookies~How cute were these! Real size of a toll house cookie and smelled just like
it came out of the oven. I loved the texture of them also...really soft and I honestly got hungry and had my
sons girlfried make a back of cookies. LOL Adorable ornie!

Mini Cinnamon Bread Loaves~These are something I've never seen before and I thought it was a wonderful
idea. They looked and smelled just like real mini loaves. I cut off a slice and melted it in my tart warmer and
it was wonderful.

Sweet Sugar Scrub~This sugar scrub was awesome!!! It made out skin feel so soft and smooth after using
it and left a nice subtle scent on our skin. Her sugar scrub really did a nice job exfoliating dry skin and
this is a product I'll definitely continue to use.

Strawberry Creme Grubby Votive~Yummmmmy! This also has a great cold throw as well as a burn throw. Filled
the room with a wonderful scent and burned really nice.