Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!

I bet you've all been wondering where the hell I went lol Well....i'm going to tell you...

I decided to move to Florida with my son about a month ago to help manage my brothers resort.  My husband is still working in Colorado, but will joining me here sometime in March.

It's been a very crazy, crazy month but things are settled down now and I'm able to get back online and start blogging and doing what I do again. LOL

With that said......ooooooo wow I just love it down here.  I'm already growing vege's and herbs and it just blows my mind.  In Minnesota, I'd be sitting there staring out the window wishing the snow and cold away.

We took a trip to the gulf Sunday and spent two hours walking in the surf collected was so fun! We found 11 sand dollars too!! lol

Glad to be back and I'd love to hear from you all, so catch me up!!