Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A House Blessing

With the new year coming in a couple days, I wanted to share with you my personal House Blessing.  I've used it for ions and I love the feel of my house after I've done this blessing.

House Blessing:

Gather white sage stick or sandlewood incense, a white candle, dish of water, and a dish of salt.  Place them in the middle of your house.  Take the incense/sage stick to your east wall, light it saying:

Air with smoke now blow away
Unpleasant energy from this home.

Take the smoking sage/incense and walk along every wall in your house and say the chant in each room you entr.  When finished set the sage in a shell or dish in the center of your house.

Take the candle to the south wall and light it saying:

Candle flame that flickers bright,
Burn negative energy with your light.

Take the dish of water to the west wall.  Sprinkle the water along the wall and say:

Water wash this house and clean away
All the dirt and negativity.

Take the dish of salt to the north wall and sprinkle the salt and say:

Salt of earth, both fertile and pure,
Against negative energy, this house secure.

Stand in the center of your house, open your arms and say:

Spirits of the home and hearth,
Bless these walls and give them warmth!
Bless thewindows, roof and floor
Bring joy to those who grace my door.
Grant to all who enter here
Ease of sorrow, pain and fear.
Bring rest and comfort to the tired.
Bring ease to anger, quench it's fire.
Engulf this house with love and light
And laughter, joy and sunshine bright.
Make this home a happy place
Where all feel welcome in its space.
And see that only good befalls,
Those who live and enter within these walls.

Let the candle and the sage stick/incense burn out.  Gather the items when cool and put the away.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peed My Pants

I'm up early, my house is quiet, the sun is shining and it's -2 outside. I'm warming up to my favorite thing in the morning...i actually get excited to get up so I can have this coffee lol (carmel truffle with chocolate creamer...yummmmmm) lol

We ended up going to the casino yesterday and it was not a good thing. We all lost money and it was waaaay too crowded. I actually did hit $200 on one machine, but then over time lost it in other machines one at a time plus gave out $20's to the kids. Oh well...good thing we only go up there a couple times a year. lol

On Christmas Day we all went to my sisters house, we take turns having it every year and my brother flew up from Florida. Whenever we get together, we revert back to being kids and act like we're 10!! hahahahaha So we decided to go outside and build a snowman. We put on hats and mittens and i soooooo don't do hats, I look like a complete idiot!! So of course my brother, PJ, grabs his cell and takes the most hideous picture of Wendi and I that I've ever seen in my life!!!!! I mean it's sooooooo bad we all went into a laughing fit and I had to run to the bathroom!! lol I looked like I was bald, my eyes are scwenched up, my mouth is open and i look like i'm giving birth. Hideous! We made our snowman anatomically correct of course and Wendi had a fit and made us take it down cuz she didn't want the "neighbors" to see it. hahahaha

The next day Wendi and PJ came out to my house so we could go downtown to the great little shops and spend our money. Right on the street, out of the blue and crowded with people, PJ opens his cell phone and shows me the picture again that he took of me and Wendi, I started laughing and he starts immitating one of my laughing attacks....he looked like he needed to be put in a home complete with his legs crossed, flinging his arms around, bent over, making faces and laughing like me (I sound like scooby doo when I laugh and i'm famous for peeing my pants when i have a laughing attack). I once peed on her trampoline at a July 4th party in front of everyone cuz i was laughing so hard when her son was flinging me around on the tramp. She had to give me her underpants and a pair of her jeans while we washed mine. hahahahaha Gawd I'm such a dork!! he is on the sidewalk infront of all these people imitating me. They are literally stopping and looking at us. It was soooooooo funny!!! I go into a laughing attack and of course I'm froze in place with my legs crossed cuz if I move I'm gonna pee, head bent over and sounding like scooby doo!!!! So Wendi starts trying to help me into an antique store to find a bathroom and that made things even worse!! People were laughing and looking and staring at the spectacle we were making of ourselves. hahahahahahahaha And i of course started peeing my pants, but i did manage to get into the bathroom before I had a full blown issue. hahahaha Afterwards we all collected ourselves, we went into a Scent Chips store and the man inside says to me...."You were the girl outside peeing her pants weren't you?" OMG!!! I about died!! I turned right around and walked out of the store, leaned up against the building and proceeded to start laughing again. I'll never be able to go downtown again!! hahahaha

I think I'll go get my eyebrows done today! haha

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Over!!

Whoa and Whew!! It's finally over...I have to admit this is NOT my favorite time of the year anymore. lol I'm so glad it's over. We've had a crazy week.  Mike (husband) and Mikey (oldest) are home from Colorado til Jan 2 and it's been chaotic as hell. We had to finish shopping, finish baking, sell the puppies, spent a night in a hotel together, fix a broken snowmobile, dig out of a snow storm, my brother is here from florida, cooked two full holiday dinners, clean constantly, celebrated 3 birthdays ontop of all the christmas stuff and my back is still f**ked up.

We've been wassailing for 4 days and all I want to do is put my sweats on, curl up in front of the tv and chill. Last night was's over and we're done.

I've sold all the puppies but one this week, can't believe how fast they went, but they are so cute and sweet people just grabbed them right up. It was hard seeing each one go...i got too attached and like a dummy named them all. lol  The one I have left is the one I've kept aside because I'm debating keeping him.  He's the biggest chubbiest sweetest, completely independent and he's my little bull roar. lol Walks with an attitude even and i've been calling him Wally.

My kids all had a good christmas and Mollee turned 20 yesterday, so I only have one left in the teens now.  Gawd I feel old!! lol

They all want to go to the casino today...great family outing huh?? hahahahaha

I hope all of you had a very merry holiday and are all safe and sound :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost time

The puppies are now 6 weeks and are eating normal food, playing and barking. lol  And it's TOTAL CHAOS!!!

I had a horrible thing happen on Wednesday.....I fed the puppies then came upstairs, about 10 mins later I went down to start cleaning up puppy poop and one of the puppies was laying by the food dish dead....she choked on her food.  It was so sad and we were all crying, I can't believe something like that happened! :(  We tried to clear her airways but it was just too late, it happened so fast.  So now there are 8 puppies.....

We are going in for shots tomorrow and that is gonna be something else....8 puppies to the vet all at once....oh boy...I have an ad running for Sunday so I'm hoping I get lots of calls and we find good homes for them.  Each and every one of them are absolutely adorable and they have such good dispositions and personalities.  I'm debating keeping Wally (yes I've named some of them) LOL He's the biggest one, a major pudge and very independent. But I'm attached to Oney too, he was the first born and is so sweet and cuddly...always the first one there to greet me and always wants up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Quotes

With all the junk going on in my life, I decided to go thru my journal and look at some of my favorite quotes.  They give me inspiration and hope.

I'm going to share with with you and I hope they give you the same feeling that they have given me over the years:

Home....where your story begins.

Without love, a heart is like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Follow your heart like a flashlight in the dark.

Love has no faults.

Love means never having to say you're sorry.

When life brings you rain, play in the puddles.

If it's meant to be, it's up to me.

Beauty is not in the face but within, like a light in the heart.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of yesterday's crisis

I'm sitting here this morning with my brain so full of junk, I don't even know what thing to write about this morning. Everything is out of control again at my house.  You all know the problems I've had with my daughter, well she pulled a really good one yesterday......

Ayla (my yellow lab) was acting strange.  She looked weird and couldn't sit still.   I just figured the puppies were stressing her out and I tried to calm her.  I went up to my daughters room to get something when to my horror I realized what was wrong with Ayla! My "daughter" AGAIN brought drugs into my house, left it in her purse in the middle of the bed and Ayla got into it.  She ate a 1/4 ounce of pot laced with cocaine.  OMG I freaked out!

I took her to the vet right away and was completely embarassed to tell him what had happened. There really wasn't anything the vet could do except tell me to watch her and try and keep her calm til the effects wore off.  If she went into cardiac arrest I was to bring her to emergency vet. Well geeeeeez, ya think!?! She seems okay this morning, and slept for about 12 hours last night, I hope it didn't do any permanent damage.

Dogs that ingest pot can have permanent damage including...heart problems, hallucinations,  and kidney and bladder problems. I'm so damn mad I don't know even what to do.  My daughter didn't even apologize, infact she thought it was kind of funny.  I don't know whether to make her leave again (3x she's been kicked out), send her to rehab (been there done that), or let her stay. 

I'm about to run away and eat a fuzzy worm!! (my mom used to say that when we would push her over the edge)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

For Sale!!

I've decided I'm going to sell 2 of my online businesses.  I have 4 online businesses and it's just too much.  Both of the ones for sale do make money and would make more if someone put a little time in promoting them. 

Ms Biz Links~
 a site where WAHMS and Crafters can promote their businesses by purchasing one word for a small fee.  It's a very cool concept.  Sale price is $200.00 and that includes the dot com, all the graphics and banners, all the rights and help from me.  If you are interested, email me at and I can accept paypal.

Ms Biz Links

On The Craft Table~
 a site where WAHMS and Crafters can place a free ad or listing about their items and websites. It make money by advertisements from the WAHMS and Crafters or whatever clever way you come up with.  Sale price is $150.00 and that includes the, all graphics and banners, all the rights and help from me.  If you are interested, email me at and I can accept paypal for this one too.

Free Marketplace

If you are interested in both of them, shoot me a price. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Friday!!!

With that being said yesterday, now life can go on.  Thank you all so very very much for still accepting me and respecting my beliefs.  I have a diversity of blog buds and I'm so happy that we all just accept each other for who we are, we can COEXIST, whine together, be moms and wives together, and tough out life, and I absolutely love it. :)  Thank you :)

Now to my news!!! I get a new car today!! Yay!!! I drive a large SUV and it cost me at least $120 bucks a week in gas and I'm sick of it!! Soooo, we bought a Chrylser 300M and I get to pick it up at 10:30 today...I'm so excited!! I can fill it up for $30 bucks. lol We're keeping the SUV tho to drive when the roads are bad or when I need it to bring home something big, so that's good too.

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Here is one of my recipes for homemade "Vicks" vapor works so well and we use it all the time when someone has a cold or is congested:

Vicks Vapor Rub

In a double boiler or crockpot, drop in two huge tablespoon fulls of petroleum jelly (vaseline)

add 1/2 t of beeswax

When melted add:
8-10 drops of peppermint oil
8-10 drops of wintergreen oil
3 drops of tea tree oil
8-10 drops of eucalyptus oil
break one capsule of vitamin E

Pour into sterilized glass jar and let cool.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where there's a witch there's a way

I decided to share some info about me today that I bet some of you don't know.....I'm a hedgewitch.  Yup...I'm a full blown practicing broom wielding spell casting charm bag carrying witch. I've been one for 12 years and it completely changed my life for the better. :)  I'm also a High Priestess of Wicca and an ordained reverend .  Before you run screaming and scared lol I want to tell you about why I chose this path and what it means.

Wicca is a nature-based religion, we celebrate Mother Nature and the changing seasons.  We celebrate the phases of the moon and our ancestors.  We celebrate the earth and all the wonders she has to offer. It's not scary, it's not dark and we don't even believe in satan. lol  Our symbol is called a pentagram and the points represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Spirit. These are the elements of existence. We celebrate and honor a Goddess and a God.

The practice of Wicca is calm and peaceful and meditation is wonderful when being a mom and wife gets rough.  I keep a rose quartz crystal handy all the time so I can just grab it and calm myself down if things are getting out of control.  I believe that everything is made up of energy and if the energy is negative, we have the ability to change it by rearranging those energies. 

I'm a very "white" witch...meaning all the things I practice are only good intentions.  I have never ever practiced or cast harm on another because I life by Karma....whatever you do to others will come back to you three-fold.  All my friends are "white" witches too.  If you passed me on the street you would never know my beliefs except for a ring I wear on my left hand which signifies my ordination.  My favorite clothes are my American Eagle and Hollister hoodies. My house is decorated in primitive country and I'm a fish tank nerd (I have 5 tanks and breed cichlids). lol

I practice natural herbal medicine and make all my own salves, tinctures and concoctions.  Most of the herbs are right out of my own herb garden. Bet you didn't know that plain old aspirin comes from a willow tree branch. I have an entire medicine chest of naturals meds and we reach for them for everything from a bruise to a sprained ankle.

We live a very "normal" life and if it wasn't for my practice, which kept me sane, I would be in a looney bin!

I just felt the need today to talk about this...don't ask me why...i guess i'm just a glutten for punishment. lol  If any of you have any questions or comments or thoughts, please feel free to post them, I welcome them. :)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back to another time for us

Ooooooo man did we wake up to snow this morning!! 6 inches of fresh white snow blowing against the house and the wind chill is -20 with gusts to 40 mph.  Guess old man winter has finally arrived in Minnesota. lol  That's okay tho cuz it gets me in the Christmas mood more and I tend to bah humbug during this time of the year.

Don't get me wrong....i like the tradition of Christmas...the music, the candles, the feasts, family gatherings and the perfect gift. It's everything leading up to it that makes me grumpy...long lines, crowded malls, the pressure of giving my family their christmas memories, gaining 10 lbs, long lists adding up to 1,000's of dollars from greedy ungrateful kids, trying to figure out what to get my parents and husband  and an empty bank account.  You get the idea. lol

I wish we could go back to way it was...the way it was intended...before malls and all the pressure, before it became so commercialized that I want to scream at the top of my lungs in the middle of the friggin mall!!!. I wish we could exchange handmade gifts and go caroling from door to door.  I wish our kids would be esctatic over a piece of stick candy and a pair of knitted mittens.

I thought I would share with you my 18 year old sons christmas list that he handed to me the other day....hold onto your seats it's a doozie! :

a new electric guitar with a stage amp ($1,500)
an XBox ($300)
a new truck ($3,000)
subs for the new truck ($300)

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Wonder how he would react if he got a stick of peppermint, a handmade scarf and an orange?? LOL  My family will be SHOCKED when I announce on christmas eve that we will be starting a new family tradition....only homemade handmade gifts from here on out! LOL 

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The New Me

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of my blogger friends for reading the letters to my children and giving me your support.  It meant a whole lot :) I did make a decision to read the letters to my kids and of course they were horrified and defensive. lol  But then after their initial shock that they aren't perfect angels (in their own minds), we did sit down and talk and I'm happy to say things have been much better these past few days.  I'm seeing some action with them and that's a major start. :) I just had to kick some much needed MOM BUTT!! lol

I've also decided to go back to living my life as a vegetarian. It's a two fold reason....they do such scary things to our food these days from feeding cattle hormone growth induced corn to forcing chickens to grow to adulthood in a month and a half!  I have chickens and I know it takes at least 4 months for them to reach adulthood. Beef recalls every other week, people dying from e-coli, it's not "if" you get cancer, it's "when".   Anyway...I could go on and on but we all know what has happened to our's all about big money and big corporations and they don't give a shit if we get sick or die from it, as long as we buy it.  So I've decided to not give them one more penny of our hard earned money for their hormone induced processed "food".  

And the other reason is...I just feel better.  I feel healthier, thinner and I have a whole lot more energy. I'm not and never have been fanatical about fact I rarely even talk about being vegetarian, but I just felt the need to this morning. lol 


Friday, December 4, 2009

A Letter To My Children!!!

I'm particpating in Letter of Intent Friday today with Julie at Foursons. I love this idea!! Head on over to her bloghouse and grab her button and link up, this is a great way to say something to a person, place or thing, good or bad. lol

Letters of Intent

Dear Mesenbourg Children:

First of all and foremost I want to say that I love you.  I love you all with my very heart and soul and will always love you until the day I die....however....i have some things I need to say to you....

You are all grown now, well according to your ages you are. Yet, you have not moved out (well in and out and in and out and in out) and you are not using the wonderful motherly advice i've given you SINCE YOU WERE 5!!!!

Mikey~You are 23 years old! You lost your drivers license because you thought it would be so much cooler to drive like an idiot then drive with no insurance then miss your court date. You are gorgeous, talented and the nicest person I know, everyone just loves you.  Yet you go through your life without a care in the world, taking one day at a time.  The world is not like have to care about your have to have plans and directions and goals. Play your guitar, you are amazing with it but get your butt into college, pay your fines off and get your license back, fix your relationship with emmy...she loves you, and get your shit together!!

Jorden~You are 21, officially an adult. Yet your quit your job because you had "worked there long enough", lost your drivers license because you didn't pay a seatbelt fine, lost Savannah because she wants you to get your act together and I'M SICK AND TIRED OF GIVING YOU RIDES!!! And now you just lost your brand new job because you didn't rennew your license when you turned 21 in AUGUST! We offered to pay to renew it, then you couldn't pass the eye test because you BROKE the glasses we bought for you and never BOTHERED to take them in and fix them, it was better to just throw them away huh?? Play your drums, by all means stay with your band, but get it together my son.  Life is too short and before you know it, you will be 40 and still in the same situation. You have to have a job until your band "makes it", you have to support yourself, you need to have a license and a car and money and direction.  We wrote down a plan, READ IT!!!

This is my favorite song from my son Jorden's band (Model43), Jorden is the drummer.  The name of the song is Breathe:

Mollee~My only daughter, the one that has made me the most "proud", the one that has won the family award for most court dates, most hospitals stays, most drama, most mistakes and the most forgiveness from us.  Enough is enough!! Time is up!! I see you are trying, but I've seen it before, I keep waiting for another explosion to happen, another accident, another crisis, another bottle of pills.  You have to want to help yourself and I think you do finally.  I love you so much and you've hurt me so badly, I've forgiven you for it all but I can never forget.  And now you are about to lose your license from a DUI, which I might add you got 2 hours after your dad talked to you about drinking and driving!!!!! Get into've talked about it your whole life, you are so good with hair and I know you would be successful. My patience are gone and you have sucked me dry.

Jon~My bug man.  You are 18 almost 19 and you are a super senior heading for a double super senior.  What is your problem!! An education is a privledge and your right as an American citizen.  It is a necessity to survive in this world. You were given an opportunity by being accepted at the ALC!! You are blowing it kid! You only have to go to school 3 hours a day and you get a week off every 6 weeks!! Yet it's just too hard on you to get up for school in the morning and now you've quit your job and are losing those school hours too!!!! You are also your guitar...become me a mansion and a mazaratti, but GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL FIRST!!!!

The gravy train has gone off it's tracks my dear children.  I'm tired...I'm worn out and I'm used up.  I've spent my life being there for you, teaching you, guiding you, helping you, raising you, looking at the stretch marks you gave me, covering up the gray hairs you gave me, years of sleepless nights (from midnight feedings at 2 months to midnight worrying when you aren't home yet).  AND THIS IS HOW YOU TURN OUT!?! GET IT TOGETHER OR ELSE!

your mom

Hey! This was fun...I feel better now. lol And yet I'm still smiling, but its the smile of an insane person!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tagged with a meMe! lol

Alrighty....I got tagged from FeliciaE at Living Just Like Grandma! So here is my Christmas meMe and yup I'm going to tag some of you too. lol

1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Heck no!!!

2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions.

We have lots of them so I'll share one from when I was growing up.  Christmas Eve is also my little sisters birthday and my mom always made sure i was special for her.  We would have her special birthay dinner, usually spaghetti, birthay cake and open present. Then we would ring in Christmas Eve by getting dressed up and going to 7:00 services.  Come home, light a fire in the fireplace and gather around the tree.  We got to open one present on Christmas Eve.  Then a friend of my parents would come over every year dressed as Santa. lol  He was still doing it when I was a senior in high school...go figure lol

3.) When do you put up your Tree?
We put up our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving and yes it's up and lit right now.

4.) Are you a Black Friday shopper?

No waaaaaay, it scares me!

5.) Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home?
Well not really sister Wendi and I take turns and we live 45 mins from each other.  This year we are having it at our house and my little brother is coming up from Florida YAY!!

6.) What is your funniest Christmas memory?

My first year of college....we were gathered around the tree on Christmas Eve...firing playing.  It was my turn to open my one present.  My dad hands me a box larger than a shoebox and I looked over at my sister Wendi who had a comical look on her face.  I tore off the paper and untaped the box.  When i lifted the lid, I saw to my horror that she had given me a large purple bong!!!!! OMG I went into panic mode and slammed the lid back down. 

Dad: What is it Tam?

me: Nothing dad...

Dad: Nothing?  What's the matter?  What's in the box.

me: (muttering with my head down) a bong

Wendi breaks into major laughter

Dad: A what? (he's hard of hearing from polio when he was a kid)

me: a bong

Dad: What? A bonk?

me: a bong

Dad: A bonk?

me: a bong dad

Dad: A bonk? What's a bonk?

me: (shouting) IT'S A BONG DAD! A BONG! B...O...N....G

Dad:  Oooh a bong? What exactly is that?

me: (in complete horror and frustration) you smoke pot with it.

Mom: (gasping) (my two other siblings giggling, and  Wendi rolling with laughter)

Dad: Oh..very nice. We'll have to try it out together sometime. (smiling)

me: (mouth gaping open) ummmmm okay dad

Oh my god, I will never forget that present from Wendi as long as I live! I can't believe she put it under the family christmas tree! hahahahaha

7.) What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time?

I have two....It's a Wonderful Life and Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey

8.)Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat?

Yes I do and my favorite is sugar cookie with creme cheese frosting.

9.) Fake or Real Tree?

Went to fake last year...i don't want to deal with the mess and a broken vacum cleaner every year anymore. lol

10.) What day (as a Mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done?

I don't usually panic until I need to send out boxes. lol

11.) Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?

Yes I am lol

12.) What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?
The anticipation with the kids before we get to open presents. lol

13.) What Christmas craft do you like the best?
Making homemade ornaments.
14.) Christmas music. Yes or No, and if yes What is your favorite song?
Definitely!! Too many to list, but i love Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters and The Christmas Shoes by Kenny Chesney.

15.) When do you plan to finish all your shopping?

The day before christmas. lol

We would love for any blogger to participate in this meme, even if you haven’t been tagged yet. Heather will go back and add your blog link to the list if you wanna play along.

Just simply copy and paste the questions into your blog, and then answer them.

Then tag 5 or more of your favorite blogs, and leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

When you post your blog, please spread some Christmas cheer, and leave a link back to

OKAY LADIES, I'm tagging you!! And I'm only tagging 5 because we have a showing in 30 mins and I'm so not ready.  If anyone else wants to do this, I'd love it and let me know so I can come see your answers. :)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Woman's Spirit

Something wonderful happened last night...well actually two things.  My daughter, Mollee was icing my back and noticed a bunch of bumps.  She's says "Mom!! No wonder your back hurts so bad let me see if I can get these out."  She started working on them and 30 minutes later....WALA...the pain is almost gone!!! OMG I feel great!!! Yay!! I'm getting out of this house today and going to do somethin fun.

And the second thing....the puppies (they are irish labs) are eating puppy food!! No more nursing!!! I slept all night last night, well all night after 3:00 a.m.  I was still up with Ayla cuz she is so engorged, her thingies look like eggplants.  I was putting warm cloths on her trying to relieve some of her pain, which worked and she was able to sleep at 3:00 too. lol

Me and Ayla right before she got pregnant

My poor baby this morning..look at her thingies! omg Doesn't it look like she's saying "help me!"

The culprits at one week

The little darlings this morning!

I've decided to share one of the poems I wrote today (and don't laugh), I write for fun. LOL

A Women's Spirit

A woman's spirit is wild and free,
yet complicated and secret for only her to see.

The absolute truth is buried deep down within,
don't pull it out because you'll never win.

Her soul is woven and intricately designed,
to try and see through it would leave your mind resigned.

A woman's heart is an ocean, far and wide,
yet rises and falls with the moons changing tide.

To love her brings great joy but still,
something is held back that only time will reveal.

A creature not meant to understand,
Cherish her
Hold her
Need her
The reward is grand.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post-it Tuesday!! Yay!!

I finally remembered this week!! Yay for me!!! lol  Well here they are!!

Well alright, I probably did too many of them, but it was really fun!! This is such a good idea Supah.

And the puppies are still making me nuts....Ayla and I are trying to wean them and she is so impacted.  It's got to be so painful.  And my back is still hurting and it's making me nuts too!!!

Happy Tuesday!!
The Nut Lady

Saturday, November 28, 2009


WooooHooooo! Thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Melyssa at Mrs. Blogalot for giving me her Rosie Award! How cute is this?!? lol  I love it and it just made my day. :) If you aren't following her blog yet, run quick to her bloghouse, she's hysterical!

Thank you so much Melyssa!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Stabbed Me and Black Friday??

Okay, the turkey did thaw but of course I was up and down with the puppies all night so I overslept!! Talk about panic! I didn't get the turkey in til 10:00 and 30 minutes later I was reaching around my daughter Mollee, washing the celery sticks when I felt a gripping pain.

The pain got more intense and now I'm doubled over at the sink. Five people in my kitchen and still no one notices me so I cried out.  My hubby noticed then and came to my aid.

"What did you do now?"

"OMG who stabbed me in the back with a knife? Is it there? Pull it out, I can't breathe!"

"Gert (that's what he calls me), there is nothing there, what's wrong?"

"Pain! My upper left side...omg...what happened?"

He sits me down in a chair, I'm completely bent over and now I'm crying.  Of course this just had to happen on Thanksgiving morning at the start of making dinner.

It's my Rhomboid Muscle, the large muscle that connects your shoulder and shoulder blade to your spine.  It's unbelieveably painful!!!!

So our Thanksgiving dinner was made as a family, everyone pitched in and helped. The kitchen looked like a tornado went thru, i supervised hunched over like Quasi Moto, but they pulled it off and dinner was awesome.

I'm still hunched over in pain...icing, moist heat, sports gel and crying.  I guess this takes a couple weeks to heal.  I feel like such a dumb ass lol  who the hell does this much damage to their back washing celery sticks!?!

Sooooooo....despite all this I'm still having my BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL at my Candle Shoppe:

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Quick Getaway

As you all know, my hubby is home with us this week for Thanksgiving and if you didn't know, he made a major career change about a month and a half ago and took a job in Denver.  I've been home holding the fort down by myself and he stays in Denver 3 weeks and is home 1 week out of the month. 

So Monday, we are in the living room kind of watching a movie and kind of talking.  Mollee is gossiping loudly on the phone, Jorden is going on about his new job, Mikey is on the couch strumming a guitar, Jon is kicking his new car (the one he bought for $250 on Friday and it's now broke down in the driveway), Ayla's 9 puppies are in the kitchen crying and walking all over the place. Mike looks at me and says "Let's go. Call Grand Casino and reserve a room, make it a suite!" I'm like....ummmmm...okay??  Ten minutes later, we were packed and in the car heading north. LOL

The suite was beautiful and had a 4 person jacuzzi, which of course we filled with bubbles. lol  We had a blast were relaxed, peaceful and reconnected.  I even managed to win $250 in the casino! All was romantic and wonderful til 12:30 a.m., that's when we got the call.

Mollee snuck out to hang out with people shes not allowed to be around and came home at 1:00 a.m. with them and she was drunk. She was down by the highway crying and carrying on because Jorden told us what she did.  Then she lied to Mike and said she hadn't been drinking.  Two hours on the phone later, Mike yelling, me crying, both of us had headaches, all the relaxation wiped out, we fell into bed at 3:00 a.m. That girl!!! I swear, will she ever get it together?!?

Then we drove home talking about what to do with her and worrying about it for an hour and a half.  Got home and had to sit down with her and figure out a game plan.  10:30 last night, I yelled "oh shit!"  We hadn't gone to the store and bought Thanksgiving dinner yet!!! LOL  So off we all went, all 6 of us to the grocery store at 10:30 at night.  Half way through shopping Mike says he's going to run over to Target. 

"What? No wait!"

"I'll be right back, I promise.  I bet I'm back before you even get to the checkout."

"ummmmm okay"

As I'm standing in line with a full cart waiting to check out, in the door walks Mike with a box.  He walks up and hands it to me. In the box is the brand new very cool coffeemaker I've been wanting.

"What the heck??? What is this for?? You just randoming go to Target in the middle of our shopping and bring me a coffeemaker?"

"Yup. Happy Birthday, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday and I know you've been wanting this."

Well bust my buttons!!! I flung my arms around him right at the checkout, amongst the kids and hugged and kissed him.  This was so sweeeeeeeet!!

So now my 25 lb frozen turkey is sitting in the sink and I'm hoping it thaws by tomorrow morning.

I was on puppy duty last night so I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep, coffee in hand from my new coffeemaker and  Fox News on the TV and I'm ready to begin a new day.  Oh least we got about 8 hours of alone time, at this point in our lives, that's alot! lol

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger friends!! Have a safe and wonderful holiday and don't forget to wear sweatpants at the dinner table! :)

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Monday, November 23, 2009

I am thankful......

With Thanksgiving with week, lets all post about what we are thankful for.  I tend to forget all the things that we do have and just complain about what we don't have.  With all the chaos, problems and mahem I have in my household, it's easy for thankfulness to get lost, and it does a soul good to take a second and just think about the good things you have in your life and be thankful for them.

This is a poem I've had for years and get it out at Thanksgiving and read it at the table:

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I am thankful:

For the husband
Who is on the sofa
Being a couch potato
Because he is home with me
And not out at the bars.

For the daughter
Who is complaining about doing dishes
Because it means she is at home,
Not on the streets.

For the sons
Who play their guitars and drums too loud
Because it means my opinion on their music counts and
I have ears to hear.

For the taxes I pay
Because it means
I am employed.

For the mess to clean after a party
Because it means I have
Been surrounded by friends

For the clothes that fit a little too snug
Because it means
I have enough to eat.

For my shadow that watches me work
Because it means
I am out in the sunshine.

For a lawn that needs mowing,
Windows that need cleaning,
And gutters that need fixing
Because it means I have a home.

For all the complaining
I hear about the government
Because it means
We have freedom of speech.

For the parking spot
I find at the far end of the parking lot
Because it means
I am capable of walking,
And I have been blessed with transportation.

For my huge heating bill
Because it means
I am warm.

For the pile of laundry and ironing
Because it means
I have clothes to wear.

For weariness and aching muscles
At the end of the day
Because it means I have been
Capable of working.

For the alarm that goes off
In the early morning hours
Because it means
I am alive.

And finally, for too much e-mail
Because it means
I have friends who is thinking of me.

Now it's my turn....I am truly thankful this year that I have a husband who cares enough about his family that he is willing to be away from us to make enough money to support us. And when the guys he lives with are out running around the bars and being jerks, my husband doesn't go with them, but stays back, watches tv and calls me instead.  I love you honey!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Osbournes?? Are you kidding me?!?

I'm still reeling from the shock, smelling salts please??

My daughters friend loves to hang out at our house, infact through the years, our house has always been where their friends wanted to hang.  I never undersood it...i'm always trying to get away from it and they are always wanting to come over. lol

One night my daughter Mollee, her friend Tess, my son Jorden and I were sitting on the deck, residual bonfire simmering. Jorden was goofing around like he always does, my phone was exploding with text as usual, the girls were gossiping about some drama and we were talking and having a good time.

Tess-"I just love being with you guys."

Me-"LOL you do?? Why?"

Tess-"You guys are just like the Osbournes, there is always something going on and your family is so funny."

Me-choking on my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi "What? What? Are you kidding me? The Osbournes?"

Jorden cracks up laughing and runs into the house....

Mollee-"wtf, Tess, oh my god and I suppose you think I look like Kelly Osbourne....oh my god. Am I fat?"

Jorden comes back out with the guitar and starts playing Crazy Train, a song by Ozzy Osbourne!!

Of course we all started laughing...

Tess-"Tamara, you are just like Sharon Osbourne and Mike is like Ozzy. Well he doesn't look like Ozzy, but he acts like him."

I stood up and ran at Tess yelling "smell my finger".  She trips over the edge of her chair when she got up to run and fell flat on her face. It was so funny, I was peeing my pants laughing!

So here we are...I guess my kids friends all view us as "the osbournes" and here I thought all these years they liked being with us because we were like the "clevers". hahahahahaha

Arrrggghhh Where did I go wrong!?! LOL

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mom Headache Remedies

I get tension headaches sometimes, mostly from just being a mom and dealing with all the daily trials and tribulations.  I also get wife headaches occasionally too.  There are a some headache remedies I use that I wanted to share with you, keep an open~mind....and try them, they really do work. :) (of course, if you have an underlying problem, please talk to your doctor and make sure you don't have allergies to any of these suggestions also)

Most of mine are in my neck and shoulders but I get the occasional forehead one too, these rememdies work for both.

Peppermint Essential Oil~This is what I reach for first! It does absolute wonders! Shake a few drops into your hand and massage into your neck and shoulders.  It gets down into your muscles and feels so cool and good, the sensation is awesome.  Takes it away fast.

Olbas Oil~This has been a life saver.  I found this at our local co-op (health food store but I know vitamin stores sell it too).  Its a combination of oils including euclyptus and it really works. You can massage a few drops into the headache area, or a few drops into a warm bath. This also clears out sinuses and works great if you have a sinus headache or a cold.

Amethyst Stone~Hold the stone in your left hand (if your right handed) and absorb the healing energies of the amethyst.  Then place the stone where your headache is and let the stone absorb the pain out. 

Rose Quartz Bath~This is my very favorite crystal/stone.  It has an amazing ability to calm and relax when you hold it.  I keep rose quartz in my purse, in the bathroom and several other places. Run a warm bubble bath, turn off the lights and light a pink candle.  Drop a rose quartz crystal into the water, sit back and relax.  When you are ready, hold the rose quartz in your left hand and feel the calm and relaxing feeling coming up thru your hand and spread throughout your body.  Pull the plug on the bath, stretch out your right hand towards the drain and let all the troubles and tensions go out thru it and down the drain with the water.  I always feel so refreshed, renewed and headache gone after I've down this.

Frozen Vege's~Go to the freezer and grab a bag of frozen vege's. Place this on your forehead or neck.  The cold with shrink your muscles and help your headache. I use this when I'm feeling like I need cold.

Flax Seed Bag~I bought these flax seed bags on the internet years ago and they are used over and over again.  Warm the bag up in the microwave and place where your headache is.  The combination of heat and the healing property of flax seed really helps with pain.

Bribe Your Kids~Pay your kids to give you a shoulder massage or promise them a trip to McDonalds if they can take your headache away. lol

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