Monday, October 26, 2009

A Major Oooooooops!

ooooooh boy do we ever have a big whoops in our house! My hubby and I went on vacation Sept 8 thu the 17th to Florida.  We left our two grown boys in charge of the house and my dog Ayla.  She just turned a year old on Oct 1st and was finished with her heat before we left, or so I thought.  A pure bred irish setter was hanging around our yard when we were gone, and my oldest, Jorden, couldn't stand Ayla going crazy anymore so he let her out!!!

Well guess who is with puppies right now? My poor Ayla!!! I'm freaking out and have never had a pregnant dog before.  She gets bigger everyday and if our calculations are right, she's due around my birthday.  Aaarggghhhh

Her whole personality has changed, she's jumpy, barky and keeps going off by herself to sleep. :(  And her skin is itchy. She is my buddy and my shadow and I can't believe this happened. I don't want puppies LOL But it looks like i will be having them whether i like it or not.

I hadn't had her spay yet because I was planning on breeding her with my brothers very rare blue lab but not for a year or so.

Anyone have any advice, other than to smack my son upside the head!? LOL

Me and My Ayla :)


Nikki said...

GORGEOUS Lab!!! That will be our next dog. I have a German Shepherd, Sayde, she's 10 now.

Awwww, have you taken her to the vet yet for a prenatal visit?

I wouldn't think she'd have any problems since she's a large dog. She's just young. Keep an eye out for her and when she goes into labor you might want to be there for her since she's a first time mommy.

She's really beautiful!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking you are going to have some beautiful puppies!!

No advice here... just wanted to gaga over puppies! :)

JaelCustomDesigns said...


I'm sorry your Ayla is pregnant! Oh, I hope her temperament gets better soon. She's beautiful!

Denise said...

What a great birthday gift! Make sure you have a large whelping pen for her! The first few weeks will be a breeze as momma will do all the work! The she will let everyone else do most of the work! Now you can smack your son! Better yet let him do all the cleanup after the puppies. We raise Cocker Spaniels, you will have fun times and some trying one too! But all in all it will be good!