Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEW PRODUCT REVIEW! Rustic Heart Candles


I contacted Stacey because I thought her candles were adorable and even though we both make
prim and grubby candles, hers were much different than mine, plus I loved her graphics and website. Her website is very easy
to navigate with good pictures and links to her products.

I was thrilled when her box arrived at my house full of goodies for me to review!! I could smell
her fabulous products before I even opened the box, and even more thrilled when I saw how cute they were.
The candles were packaged in cello and tied with raffia and homespun. The bath products were in plastic
containers with very cute labels, primitive/rustic. Below is my review of each of the products:

Pie Crust Scented 8 oz Jar Candle~This was absolutely fabulous! The scent was perfect to burn in
the kitchen and it filled the whole area with a fresh baked pie crust scent. Yum!! The candle was long burning and
I'm still burning it!!

Cinnamon Bun Candle~This was one of the best looking cinnamon buns I've ever seen. It looked so
real that I truly wanted to eat it. LOL The scent was so good and smelled just like the real thing.

Chocolate Chip Cookies~How cute were these! Real size of a toll house cookie and smelled just like
it came out of the oven. I loved the texture of them also...really soft and I honestly got hungry and had my
sons girlfried make a back of cookies. LOL Adorable ornie!

Mini Cinnamon Bread Loaves~These are something I've never seen before and I thought it was a wonderful
idea. They looked and smelled just like real mini loaves. I cut off a slice and melted it in my tart warmer and
it was wonderful.

Sweet Sugar Scrub~This sugar scrub was awesome!!! It made out skin feel so soft and smooth after using
it and left a nice subtle scent on our skin. Her sugar scrub really did a nice job exfoliating dry skin and
this is a product I'll definitely continue to use.

Strawberry Creme Grubby Votive~Yummmmmy! This also has a great cold throw as well as a burn throw. Filled
the room with a wonderful scent and burned really nice.

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Linda said...

Oh,the candles look so yummy.