Saturday, August 29, 2009


The name of the company is It Works! - Sheri Carpenter is the Independent Distributor.

Wow it really does work! That was the initial reaction after I tried this very cool body wrap. On the second day, I still felt like i had lost more inches. It seems to speed up my metabolism also. This is absolutely amazing!!

It's very very simple to use. The body wrap is placed anywhere on your body you would like to loose fat/cellulite, i placed it on my abdomen. The wrap is paper thin, coated with a special lotion and easy to handle. You simply unfold it and place it where you want it. I wrapped some cling wrap around it on my abdomen so it would stay in place. Then go about your business for 45 minutes. That's it!

I was amazed and really did notice a difference when I took it off, my abdomen did come down and I drank 2 glasses of water while i had the wrap on and still noticed a difference.

Could you imagine how much weight you would lose if you used these wraps every 3 days?!?

We also tested the Fat Fighter tablets and the Colon Cleanser capsules, which both contain all natural ingredients. We were very pleased at how gentle they work with your body, and no side effects at all!

Sheri is incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable about her products. In fact she's lost 30 lbs herself using this system. :)

I'm sold, the name of the company really says it all, It Works!!

Visit It Works! website and see all the wonderful all natural slimming products.



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