Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Truck Stop

We decided to go out for dinner last night but wanted something different. So we drove over to Wisconsin to this very cool truck stop. It was like something out of a movie!! I know...I know...those of you that see them alot probably think I'm nuts, but we just don't get to experience this. lol

It was packed full of running semi trucks and it even had a semi truck that was a chapel!! We walked in and it was like walking into a restaurant in the south.  (I grew up in the south) Truckers were sitting around gabbing in their plaid shirts and john deere caps.  The truckers were talking to each other from their tables and it was so friendly and informal. The waitresses were sooooo nice and they were wearing white waitress dresses!! And we had southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy on HUGE platters....and it was all you can eat! hahahaha omg I'm still full!!

It was really fun and we joined their conversations and laughed alot...great night!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another new day

I'm up before the sun this morning...can't sleep....and husband and number one son head back to Colorado this morning.  They plan on leaving around 8 and that will get them into Denver around 7 tonight. They won't be back for a good month this time. It's been a little bit toooooooo much togetherness!!! 24/7 for almost two weeks lol

It's been boring the last few days so I guess I've raked my brain enough and just don't have anything good or exciting to blog about today, or it's just too early and I can't think. lol

Hope you all have a great day and stay warm!! It's -20 here this morning! brrrrrrr

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting out bad already

As I'm watching the ball drop on New Years Eve, I was filled with excitment and almost giddy. I was so looking forward to putting 2009 behind us....it wasn't a great year...full of family/friend death, kid problems, career change and economy woes.  We all hugged and celebrated and whooped it up.  Whew...it was behind us.

Then I got up yesterday morning.  While drinking my coffee I got online and decided to check out bank accounts to make sure balances were correct.  To my surprise our household account was $600 short!!!

Turns out when we bought the chrysler 300M and put insurance on it, they have a new law!  They run your address and anyone showing up with your address gets automatically put on your insurance even if they don't have a license or don't live with you!! So if we want insurance on that car we have to pay $600 a month because all the kids have our address on their licenses.

WTH!!! First of all...my oldest lives in colorado and doesn't have a license (it was suspended a year ago).  Second son, lives with us temporarily, but doesn't have a license because it was suspended. Daughter lives with us sometimes and sometimes elsewhere.  Third son does live with us and we had him listed on the insurance and we were paying $130/month total for me, hubby and third son.  And first and foremost, none of them are ever allowed to drive either one of our vehicles.  Who needs 600 bucks taken out of their account right after xmas!!!!!!!

I called the insurance company and gave them addresses for the kids and that wasn't good enough and they didn't care that their licenses were suspended.  They want electric bills or something of the sort proofing where they live. And of course they have none.  So we are just screwed!! If I want insurance on the chrysler we have to pay $600 a month!!!!! And I'm not paying that each month, that's just ridiculous!!!

So......so much for having a great 2010...it's already starting out bad.